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Wings lvl 5

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Good afternoon,

1st of all i want to say that i really regret wasting my time with offmu / global mu (both servers). No one can return my time or my efforts spend on those server- so i want struggle any more. Lets leave this behind.
Dear Exile / r00t etc.. what ever your nickname is now,

Did you finally manage to fix all the bugs spotted in the previous 2 servers ?
Lets hope so - cuz you are a nice guys - according to our conversations till now.

My question is since you stopped answering in the old Facebook page and messenger:

Did IGC answered to your  question about the Magic Garuda Solution filling with 100% with 250 Garuda Bells and creating wings lvl 5 ?

Because if you didn't fix this there is no point of playing again and again in your servers - cuz wings lvl 5 Generally  cannot be created by now...
P.S> You must remember me well.

Kind Regards


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Hello eeker89, 

Yes i do remember you, and yes, all previous bugs has been fixed regarding level 5 wings. Now they can be combined.

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