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Offleveling System

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Legacy Mu Online Offleveling

This system allows you to automatically level up your character while you are offline. You don't need to keep your game window open, a minimal set of actions will level up your character by himself.

How to Activate?

To activate it, you must type /offlevel in the chat. Once you have entered this command, a message in the system will notify you about the offline level up operation, and about what skill you are going to use. After that you can press Alt + F4, and the system will keep working. After your window is closed, a message will appear on your Personal Store [OFF-LEVEL / AFK], whereas none of the players will be able to interact with you. 


While Offleveling your character cannot be killed.

Offlevel hours

  • Regular Player - Max 12 Hours
  • VIP Players  - 36 Hours





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